Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Word of Caution on Classified Sites

In an attempt to keep tracking down the scammers running "Exquisite Siberians" a definite pattern has developed. Free classified sites are a mecca for blatant scams. Here is a perfect example:
Oh awesome!!! A new siberian kitten for... what is that 200$?!? Lets take a look at the description
While this ad may be painfully obvious that it is a scam the problem is that with the addition of a website (see previous posts) and/or a telephone number it adds credibility to the scam. Scammers have been using free classified sites to list these ads allowing them to reap more profits but it also decreases their credibility.
Here are a collection of free classified websites that are known to have siberian scam ads CURRENTLY on them:
 ...to name a FEW

***UPDATE: There is a listing HERE if you would like to help report some of these scam ads***

Thank you everyone for helping to spread the word on these scammers! Hopefully the more people know the less of a chance someone wastes their hard earned money.



  1. Hi Scott,
    Yes I think it is a good idea to list the actual scam ads and we can get them removed.


  2. Sounds good Melanie. I will put up a new post tomorrow evening!

  3. There was another on pets4homes today - using Jo's picture (again). It has been removed now. I can't believe how many scams are about!

    Do you mind if I link your blog to a post on my blog?

    Denise x