Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scammers Stealing Back Stories!

**UPDATE** Help request to have the scammer's website removed HERE
//Original Article//
Snowgum Siberians, your "About Us" web page has been used as the back story for a siberian scammer!

Here's the low down...

A fake breeder under the website "Exquisite Siberians" modified small portions of your background to make their scam seem more legitimate. Here is the proof:

Your legitimate site:

The second website (which I won't put so they get page hits) ends in "co.cc" This ending is know to be used by scammers looking for cheap/ free websites to scam people with. Do not trust ANY co.cc domain names!!!

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  1. Good work!!!!!!!! I know this guy. He took my $1000 and till date, have not heard from him. Thanks for creating this blog.