Thursday, April 14, 2011

Join Me In Reporting "Exquisite Siberians"

One way to take down the background stealing scammers in my previous post is to report them to the moderators who own their website. The domain has a reporting website HERE and this is how to fill it out if you need assistance:

Type of Abuse: Spam
Target Domain: exquisitesibs
This is what I wrote in the description:

To whom it may concern,

"Exquisite Siberians" have developed a website surrounding a false biography to lure in victims to a cat breeder scam. They are using this background to make their scam seem more believable and taking hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting people looking for a reputable breeder. Here is my proof: The "About Us" page from Snowgum Siberians, a reputable and verified cat breeder in the UK

Then here is the "About Us" page from the scam artists using your web services: then click on "About Us" tab.

The entire biography has obviously been fabricated so as to make their scam more believable. Please remove this web page to help stop these scammers.

****** Dante
Spread the word as the more reports the better the chance we have to see the website removed.



  1. Hi Scott,
    I have finally managed to get the website taken down :-) No doubt he'll just create it again elsewhere in a week or so, but for now it is gone. I will keep at him each time he recreats it and hopefully he will eventually get tired of it.

    Thanks again for making me aware of this.

  2. Awesome!!!! Thank you everyone who helped to get them removed!

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