Friday, April 29, 2011

Scam Listings

UPDATED 29 April 2011

I will try to keep this list as up to date as possible but if you could please help me in reporting these scams we can all work together to bring them down. Also if you happen to find any ads you feel are suspicious add them to the comments and we can keep a running total.

29 April

Most of these sites will have some sort of moderator or reporting link. The more people who flag each scam the higher the chance it will be removed!



  1. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for finding all these listings. I have reported them all and am awaiting responses.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Scott,
    Here is the link to another suspected scam:

    We know for sure that the Dam "Rossity Natalya" is not actually a Siberian cat from the breeder Rossity. Not sure where she is from and also, whether this "breeder" actually has any cats (or at least legitimatly pedigreed ones). Would you mind doing a post about this that we can share?

    Hope you're doing well. Did you see I got the scam site that was using my pics taken down :-)

  3. Hey Melanie,

    Sorry I've been out of town on business for the past two weeks and the blog kinda hit the back burner :) That's awesome that the site was removed! I will def check out this new site and see whats up.


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